Professor of English

Patrick O'Donnell was born in Galway and grew up in Dublin where he attended University College Dublin, getting his Ph.D on "The Irish Roots of the Guthrie Theater." He has lived in Minnesota for the last twenty years and is the Chair of Irish Network-Minnesota. Patrick is the Artistic Director of Celtic Collaborative, organizes the cultural area of the Irish Fair of Minnesota, teaches Irish literature and Shakespeare at Normandale Community College, and is the publisher of a new anthology of Irish/Minnesotan writing "The Harp and the Loon: Literary Bridges between Ireland and Minnesota" (coming shortly in November 2015). He is a writer, theater director, professor, and literary historian. The most recent production that he directed and arranged was "Yeats150" a celebration of the poetry and vision of W. B. Yeats in the 150th anniversary of the great poet's birth year.



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